about me

Jack is a 28 year old internet junkie from New Jersey. She currently works as a freelance IT consultant and makes web graphics in her spare time, which is stealthily being chipped away by various other hobbies such as photography and socializing with friends. She fancies herself well-versed in witty repartee which doesn't necessarily have to involve your mother.

Name: Jack
Age: 28
Favorite color: Black
Favorite style: Shabby chic, a lot of dark colors.
Likes: Dogs (especially her own), photography, 80's stuff, movies, j-rock, history, sociology, trivia games, crossword puzzles, absurdity, non-sequitur, retroactive continuity, searing wit, internet memes, argot, ephemera, astrology, medical oddities.
Dislikes: Stupid people, being sick, bad drivers, traffic, allergies, homophobia, bad fanfiction, humorless people, manufactured drama, reality tv, cleaning, debt, dubbed anime, posers, bad hygiene.
Hobbies: Listening to music, photography, people-watching, learning new things, languages, web graphics, Japanese dramas, House MD, Doctor Who.
Favorite food: Curry, steak, Japanese food.
Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi.
Favorite band: Arashi, followed closely by the GazettE and the Dandy Warhols.

Have a burning question about me? WHY?? Seriously.